Hello! My name is Felicity, also known as, Flick. Welcome to my official Website.

Occasionally I write, but most of all – I have something interesting to say or share. My blog is really about staying in touch with friends, meeting new people, and having a place to unload my mind. I’m a little bit random at times, you can see that through my content. I pick up issues and run with them, but it all comes from a good place – I promise you that. Please bear with me – I am flicking through the pages of my life until I reach the end.

A lot of my own content comes from real life experiences and information sharing and stories of those that cannot tell their own stories. Please don’t be alarmed, just be moved and share your thoughts on the issues; and if you have advice or your own experience – please kindly contribute because when I share someone else’s story, they read it  just like you.

Please support what you like by Subscribing, Following, and Liking., using the WordPress features available under each post. This is your way of introducing yourself to me, by contributing to my network and encouraging me to continue writing. You can also talk to me via the Contact Form.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page.

Lots of Love,



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