The Depressing Downside of Creative Genius

God give me strength because I don’t want to write after this. This article I will return to every week. When I feel like giving up I will remind myself of all the other writers that lived with similar. And when I am failing with my family I will use this post to renew myself. Good article indeed. Every writer and potential author should read this. 🙂


  1. Rather disturbing. I’ve always known that about myself, which is why I haven’t only recently started writing. I have a tendency to live in my head any way, so I really try to pace myself. Thanks for visiting my site and your follow. I look forward to reading your posts as well.

    • You are very welcome. Thank you for your comment. I have a tendency to live in my head too! I felt one or two seconds of fear upon reading The Depressing Downside of Creative Genius article, before remembering myself – I’m back to living in the clouds again. I just hope to finish my main writing projects; and only then will I feel like I have overcome myself. I am indeed my biggest challenge and barrier to greatness. Looking forward to your next post. Flick xo

  2. Thanks for bringing my attention to this. It’s a great article and resonates not for myself but for my daughter, sadly. Many thanks for the follow, Flick. 🙂

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