Is the U.N fit for purpose?

Is any organisation fit for purpose? They are Human beings, and Human beings will get away with anything if they are permitted. In terms of the United Nations, the problem lies with who regulates the UN outside the organisations the UN appointed. It would be nice to hear your report on the regulators already appointed. *sighs* at the thought of the UN without an external regulator!

Media Diversified

by Chimene Suleyman

Who defines how the peace is kept? How can it ever happen without any bias? First you would have to remove any circumstance that shapes our understanding of race – the bits that make us like and trust some nationalities, then despise others. A well-varied group of internationals, gender and class. And so it’s this that remains a core problem within the UN; they are not world pacifiers, the most principled and careful. Really, how could they be?

French 'peacekeepers' French ‘peacekeepers’

For some it may be a surprise that in the most troubled places UN peacekeepers have been fathering children over decades. The kids are poor, financially desperate and lacking paternity support. It’s shed light on a deeply concerning amount of sexual abuse, including rape of minors, the whistleblower for that particular report has been suspended and nobody has, until now, been held accountable.

It’s hardly the…

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